Spot funds that deviates significantly from stated strategy.
Judge investors by their act!

No matter how confident portfolio managers are when they explain their investment process, there might still be some discrepancies with what you’ve been told and the actual holdings in the portfolio. At AlgoReady, we provide you with an advanced use, manipulation and presentation of data that simplifies greatly your portfolio and present clear results so you can make day to day decisions with confidence. You will be able to understand Portfolio managers behaviors in the context of their competitors and the overall market.

AlgoReady analyze how much a fund is different from its peers in terms of positions and trades and easily identify a change in investment style.



a fund's strategy by comparing it vs its competitors.

Get a comprehensive view of the fund positioning in light of the market flows and its competitors.



potential shifting strategies

Thanks to its innovative algorithms, AlgoReady can not only spot a shift of a fund stated strategy but also a shift vs its competitors. You will be able to spot if what you are being told differs from actual strategy.



similar funds and investors

Quickly find the competitions among 10s of thousands of funds. Get a clear view of what differentiate your investment.



Ready to use analytics

AlgoReady works right out of the box. With millions of holdings from funds and investors, AlgoReady can immediately provides actionable information on 10s of thousands funds. In addition, our software automatically generate questions to help you challenge your fund managers.