Understand your client’s motivation behind each trade and basket order. Provide trade ideas that make sense to your clients.

With the increasing trading volume, traders and brokers require better investment analytics to understand what's going on in the market. In addition, the sell-side is facing an increasing need of customization for clients.

AlgoReady will give you valuable insights on your customers trading behavior. With AlgoReady, you will be able to target your clients and provide them with customized trade ideas.



immediately the rationale behind client's trades.

Simply upload a basket of trades and get a full analysis on it. Get immediate view of your client's trading style and compare it with similar investors.



trade ideas to your clients.

Send customized trade ideas to your clients based on their trading behavior and what they like.



who is trading the same stocks as you.

Assess the overall natural demand for stocks. Anticipate shift in demands and market flows thanks to AlgoReady algorithms.



Ready to use analytics

AlgoReady works right out of the box. No need to spend months implementing the solution. Get immediate actionable information on the market. Add portfolios or basket orders to get immediate customized recommendations.